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Nicole Brennan. Nicole Brennan had been a Senior Medical Officer in the USG Ishimura throughout the Aegis that is second VII and a preliminary survivor for the Necromorph outbreak aboard the Ishimura.

Nicole Brennan. Nicole Brennan had been a Senior Medical Officer in the USG Ishimura throughout the Aegis that is second VII and a preliminary survivor for the Necromorph outbreak aboard the Ishimura.

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“Isaac, it is me personally. We wish I https://datingranking.net/collarspace-review/ could keep in touch with you.” —Nicole’s Message to Isaac [3]

Just before being assigned to your Ishimura, she had become Isaac Clarke’s gf. Over the past moments of her life, Nicole attempted to save yourself as numerous survivors as she possibly could before ultimately suicide that is commiting.

After her death, she became a hallucination manifesting from Isaac’s Marker-induced dementia, which haunted him throughout his battle up against the Unitologists therefore the Marker’s continued machinations.


Biography [ edit | edit source ]

CEC career [ edit | edit source ]

Ahead of her accessory towards the USG Ishimura, Nicole lived along with her boyfriend, Isaac Clarke. She ended up being uncertain about her career that is future aboard Ishimura in the beginning, but changed her head whenever she had been motivated to use the work by Isaac. [4]

2nd Aegis VII Incident [ edit | edit source ]

Two times after her departure from Earth regarding the Ishimura, Nicole deferred to Dr. Terrence Kyne in the case of Brant Harris’ deteriorating state that is mental. She thought that Harris revealed no signs and symptoms of data recovery and really should be locked up. Kyne, content with her viewpoint asked her if she found out about the “horror tales” presently circulating about Aegis VII. Nicole made an insensitive remark concerning the Union Square Mass Suicide and their link with Unitologists, accidentally displeasing Kyne along with her blanket declaration on hysteria and religious zealotry. [5]

Before the planet break, Nicole contacted Isaac in the world and thanked him for pushing her to use the offer to become listed on the ship before it absolutely was decommissioned. Their discussion ended up being cut brief by connection issues and she promised to phone him right back. [6]

Regarding the time for the planet break, Nicole along with her partner, Perry dealt using the unwell crewmen aboard the Ishimura. Nicole lied to Perry about being confident that the “no-fly” purchase would keep carefully the Ishimura safe through the nausea impacting the earth. Secretly, Nicole thought that the order that is no-fly do small to assist them to handle the crewmen currently going angry aboard the ship.

Sometime following the ship lost communications utilizing the earth, Nicole’s workload had been doubled once the statement of a “small outbreak” on the Crew Deck ended up being established. That they got wounded from the Flight Deck that needed their help as she tended to her patients, Perry announced. Moments later, she had been contacted by a P.C.S.I. Protection officer, Alissa Vincent. Vincent told the Senior healthcare Officer that her group arrested four colonists whom snuck aboard the ship. [7] Nicole thought that they ought to nevertheless stay in her jurisdiction. Vincent shared with her she wanted them checked for signs of the mysterious infection spreading across the ship that they are already arrested, but. [4] [5]

During her examination regarding the four survivors for prospective disease, Nicole ended up being fast to identify uncommon mind task and blood pressure levels in Lexine Weller. After finishing her assessment, she started initially to launch Lexine’s buddies one after another. When Warren Eckhardt collapsed, she neglected to launch Gabe Weller from their pipe and triggered a quarantine lockdown. A P-Sec officer, Nathan McNeill volunteered to disable the lockdown by crawling through the ports. Whenever their objective ended up being finished, Nicole accompanied the survivors towards the Morgue where McNeill waited for them. There, she unearthed that Captain Benjamin Mathius ended up being killed. The specific situation ended up being even worse than she thought. Nicole therefore the survivors headed when it comes to health Deck where Perry ended up being taking care of one other clients. Here, the Slashers attacks them and Perry ended up being killed. They made some slack for the barricade where she made a decision to stay because of the other P.S.C.I officers, realizing that one other survivors would come searching for help. [8]

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