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Restaurants & Bars

Ash Bar

Contact Number: 0963-606-6145
Operating Hours: EVERYDAY 05:00PM T0 05:00AM

Asian Taste Seafood Restaurant

Contact Numbers: 0915-224-7393, 0927-081-0345
Operating Hours: EVERYDAY 10:00AM T0 12:00AM

Choi Garden

Contact Numbers: (02) 8403-6176, 0915-714-0342, 0968-371-8165
Operating Hours: EVERYDAY 10:00AM T0 10:00PM

Golden China

Contact Numbers: 0995-892-7999, 0915-810-0007
Operating Hours: EVERYDAY 10:00AM T0 10:00PM

Happy Hotpot

Contact Numbers: 0956-572-5999
Operating Hours: EVERYDAY 4:00PM TO 10:00AM

Mazu Seaside Diner

Contact Numbers: (02) 8852-2476, 0905-479-8509, 0929-793-2015
Operating Hours: EVERYDAY 10:30AM TO 11:00PM

Samgy Garden

Contact Numbers: 0927-687-9660
Operating Hours: EVERYDAY 11:00AM TO 11:00PM

TCC Filipino Restaurant By the Bay

Contact Numbers: 0917-178-2722, 0916-736-3627
Operating Hours: EVERYDAY 4:00PM TO 11:00PM

Wow Cow Fresh Beef Hot Pot

Contact Numbers: 0977-121-5573, 0915-065-8756
Operating Hours: EVERYDAY 11:30AM TO 01:00AM

Yang Mama

Contact Numbers: (02) 8781-9990, 0919-074-1760
Operating Hours: EVERYDAY 10:00AM TO 10:00PM

Yatai Asian Cuisine

Contact Numbers: (02) 8852-0574, 0918-941-3926
Operating Hours: EVERYDAY 10:00AM TO 11:00PM

Royal Kitchen

Contact Numbers: 0917-319-3226
Operating Hours: EVERYDAY 10:00AM TO 10:00PM