About Us

The Metroescapes Corp. is a company engaged in the development of large-scale real estate into premier urban retreats. The Metroescapes Corp., though recently incorporated, is composed of a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals in the field of Business Management, Finance, Engineering, Marketing and Administration.

We aim to maximize the many amazing sights in the Philippines by preserving and further enhancing natural landscape to venues that promotes personal well being the and beauty of the country. The Metroescapes Corp. is commited to creating relaxing sanctuaries in the metro using modern technology, world class architectural design and resources. We strive to achieve this with high regard to international ethical and aesthetic standards.


The Metroescapes Corp. is a private company that deals with, and engages in real estate business in all its branches and ramifications, primarily to:

a) Hold, develop, manage, administer, sell, convey, encumber, purchase, acquire, rent or otherwise deal in and dispose of, for itself or for others, for profit and advantage, residential including, but not limited to all kinds of housing projects, commercial, industrial, urban or other kinds of real property, improved or unimproved, with or to such persons and entities and under such terms and conditions as may be permitted by law.

b) Acquire, purchase, hold, manage, develop and sell subdivision lots, with or without buildings or improvements, for such consideration and in such manner or form as the corporation may determine or as the law permits.

c) Erect, construct, alter, manage, operate, lease, in whole or in part, buildings and tenements of the corporation or of the other persons, to engage or act as real estate broker, on commission or for such fees as may be proper or legal and to exercise or undertake such other powers and purposes as may be required and necessarily implied from the purposes herein mentioned.


Seascape Village aspires to be the number one beach lifestyle destination in Metro Manila by offering the many benefits of seaside living to those residing and visiting the city. Located at Pasay City and launched in 2017, Seascape Village is The Metroescapes Corp.’s first tourism recreation project.